Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monsanto and our Food Supply

   If you haven't heard of the Evil Corporation MONSANTO or are wondering what all the negativity is surrounding Monsanto, please read my PAGE (to the right) "Who is Monsanto?".  It is a long article with dozens of links related to Monsanto's history as the creators of Agent orange, rBGH, Round-up and genetically modified food.

  I completely understand how overwhelming a task it is to read them all, so I have embed a great documentary below; "The World According to Monsanto".  It goes into great detail about this International Corporation and is fairly easy to understand. 

  You can also go to or and type in Monsanto for more documentaries & films.

I thank you for taking the time to learn about Monsanto and the affect is has on our health & environment.  Eliminating Monsanto from our Food Chain will be one of the most difficult and imporant things we can do to bring balance to our planet and all of itz inhabitants!

Remember, You are What You Eat....Namaste, Beci

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