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  We have all heard one of the guidelines of staying healthy is to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.  As the temperatures rise with the summer months, it is even more important to stay hydrated.  But how many of us actually drink 8 full glasses of water everyday?  Instead we substitute half or more with juice, milk or soda. 

  I recently heard a nutritionist say that 50% of obesity today is tied to the consumption of "sugar drinks".  She also went on to say that most juices on the market have just as much sugar as soda.  She did not point out the well know fact that it is difficult to even find drinks with real sugar in them anymore.  Most are sweetened by corn syrup which comes from genetically modified corn.  Some studies are showing that GMO's are even worse for your health than real sugar.  (See my page to the right, What is a GMO?)

Here are a few interesting facts about WATER and our body.
  • The Human Body is more than 60% water (I read some estimates up to 70%)
  • Our Blood is 92% Water
  • Our Brain & Muscles are 75% Water
  • Our Bones are 22-25% water
  • Our Lungs are nearly 90% water
  • The total amount of water in the body of an average adult is 37 litres (or 148 cups)
  • A human can survive for a month or more without food but only a week or so without drinking water
 Below are 18 uses of WATER to the human body.
    1. Air is not completely clean, the food we eat may have insignificant amounts of toxicity, the products that we use on our skin and hair are also toxic. Water removes the dangerous toxins that are added into our body.
    2. Water cushions our body joints.
    3. Water acts as a transport for oxygen and nutrition throughout the cells in the body.
    4. Water helps regulate body temperature.
    5. Water helps prevent blood pressure from dropping to critical levels.
    6. Water helps to defend against blood clots.
    7. Water encourages bowel movement.
    8. Water helps the normal kidney function from getting impaired.
    9. Water keeps us from getting excessively dry skin.
    10. Water lowers incidence of urinary tract infections.
    11. Water also helps us from experiencing reoccurring headaches.
    12. Water also helps alleviate fevers.
    13. Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot / cold water externally to problems.
    14. Hot water stimulates the immune system.
    15. Hot water is also used to increase the body’s flow. Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work and soaking yourself in a bathtub for an hour. When you get up, your body will feel more relaxed than before. Professional athletes will usually take a steam bath or relax in a whirlpool after a rigorous training session.
    16. Cold water reduces inflammation. Ice pack reduces swelling.
    17. A cold water bath is used to treat constipation, irregular vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids.
    18. Spa treatments using alternating hot and cold water improve upper respiratory problems, congestion, foot infections, and headaches.
    It is important to be aware of the kind of water you are drinking.  I have a history of illness with drinking water from a tap (in our brand new home back in the late 1980's) which I will leave for another blog.  But I can't stress enough the importance of drinking good, clean water.  Please purchase Spring Water, water that has gone through a reverse osmosis filter, or install a RO filter in your home.  (See my page, to the right, "Factz About Drinking Water".)

  Since I am currently renting, I purchase Arctic Mountain Drinking water.  Their machines are available at many local grocery stores.  (Good Earth, .25 cents for a re-fill or Harmons .37 cents for a re-fill)  Here is a copy of their brochure....

This is their guarantee listed on the back of this brochure: 

"Arctic Mountain takes Approved Municipal water and runs it through a multi function purifying process.

  The process starts with a 20 micorn sediment filter, 20 micron is roughly the size of the smallest human hair.  This will take out a lot of the mud, rust and any particles larger than 20 microns, and surprisingly there are a lot of them.  Then they run the water through a carbon filter.  This takes out things like chlorine, nitrates and other unwanted chemicals.  This carbon filter is combined with a 5 micron filter, which is roughly 1/4 the size of a small human hair.

  This is where most bottled water companies stop but at Arctic Mountain, they are just getting started.  Next they pump the water under high pressure through a reverse osmosis membrane.  These are roughly 100 times smaller than a human hair or 50 times smaller than a virus, approx .0001 to .001 micron.  YES, this takes out Flouride! 

  Next they use a carbon polishing filter at the dispensing cabinet.  Then they use a ultraviolet sterilizer.  This kills any bacteria that may have entered the system

  There is a final ultraviolet sterilizer light right on the dispensing spout for the purpose of sterilizing the spout and keeping any bacteria from entering the system at the point of delivery.

  Over and above the high tech purifying machine, they monitor, test, stock and clean each system every 3 to 14 days, depending on volume.  They also take water samples for state approved laboratory tests, and the state regularly monitors the systems and audits the documentation.

  All of the processes are done before you get the water.  Each system is designed to have approx. one day water volume on hand to ensure that your water is processed fresh every day.  Many stores are now using their water on their produce, in the bakery ovens and steamers." 

Artic Mountain Premium Drinking Water   http://www.arcticmountain.com/

  I would love to hear from my readers of other good, clean drinking water options.  Thanx for reading :)

Remember.... YOU are what you EAT (& DRINK)..... Namaste, Beci

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