Herbal Protocols or Remedies

Antiseptic Dusting Powder
For drawing out infection

Cayenne, Capsicum annuum (powdered):  1 ounce
Myrrh, Commiphora myrrha (powdered):  1 ounce
Oregan Grape, Mahonia aquifolium root (powdered):  1 ounce

Mix the powdered herbs together.  To powder, blend the herbs in an electric blender.  Sprinkle directly over the surface of the infection or mix with hot water and apply between layers of muslin as a poultice.  Repeat when poultice cools.   The powder can be used orally at the same time:  One-quarter to one-half teaspoon in one-quarter cup water, four times a day.

Peterson, D. (2015). NAT 211 Anatomy & Physiology II. Portland, Oregon: American College of Healthcare Sciences.  

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