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  On the weekends, I open the book UNTIL TODAY by Iyanla Vanzant for spiritual upliftment.  Every page is dated with a message for that day.  Normally, I would not post this information on this blog.  Instead I would include it on my blog which includes excerpts from my daily life and uplifting stories.  But as I opened and read the messages for both July 8 & 9th, it incorporated the message with physical nourishment (food) and seemed so appropriate. 

  Yesterday, I spent most of the day catching up on must needed sleep, meditating and organizing all the articles, books & magazines I've saved over the years pertaining to food tips and healthy recipes.  This morning I woke up with excitement and gratitude in my heart once again ready to focus on this blog.  Sometimes it is all too overwhelming with the abundance of information I have.  This puts up a wall of confusion as I don't know where to even begin and what information will be the most helpful  This message reminds me to just ask for help and I will receive the guidance that I need.  I hope you enjoy and find this relative to your lives.

  JULY 8th.....

   Picture yourself sitting at a banquet table, covered with all of your favorite foods.  Imagine the sight.  The smell.  Anticipate the pleasure of sinking your teeth into all of your favorite foods, which have been prepared to perfection.  Now imagine that as you finish one delight, a well-mannered server brings you the next.  This continues until you are filled to capacity and thrilled to exstasy.  You push back from the table totally satisfied and grateful.

  Are you aware that your spirit needs to be fed?  Did you know that your spirit would be delighted to partake in a feast of spiritual food?  How about a plate full of prayer?  Or maybe a few hours of succulent self-reflection.  Perhaps a piping-hot selection of spiritual literature, served by the side of a lake or under a tree, would satisfy your spiritual hunger.  Can you imagine feasting for a few hours on spiritually uplifting music?  What about some forgiveness a la mode, topped with compassion?  You cannot imagine how much your spirit would enjoy it.

  Would you believe that there are many eager angels, guardians and guides just waiting to serve you?  They have already set the table and begun to prepare everything you need to satisfy your spirit.  Need some help?  Look under the appetizers.  Want some more understanding?  Check the daily specials.  If warm wisdom or scrumptious security would fill you up, try the Chef's Specials.  It's all there on life's spiritual menu.  All you have to do is simply raise your head, your heart or your hand and ask.  Like the body, the spirit must be fed.  Your spirit not only requires a well-balanced diet, it must be fed on a regular schedule.

  Until today, you may have believed that your spirit could survive on bits of information.  Just for today, be devoted to preparing a spiritual banquet for yourself.  Take a moment to identify all the things that would fill-full your spirit, and then ask the angels to serve it up.

  Today I AM devoted to having a spiritual feast..


JULY 9th.....

  What if you were forced to sustain yourself on a low-calorie, minimal-intake diet for the rest of your life?  Or worse, what if you were told that you could never eat again?  No more chocolate.  No more homemade soup.  How would you feel?  How would you survive?  

  If you did not eat to sustain your physical body, you would eventually grow weak and weary.  As you used up the reserve resources of nutrients and vitamins, your vital organs would stop functioning,  Your body would begin to shrivel up and waste away.  A person can only diet or fast for so long before the body demands to be fed.  The same is true of the Spirit.

  Some people are suffering from spiritual malnutrition.  Some people have deprived themselves of spiritual nourishment for so long, they no longer have the strength to handle the weight of their lives.  Their vision is shot!  Their sense of SELF has been diminished to the point that it is a chore for them to do the simplest task in their lives.  Spiritually malnourished people are fretful and frightened, worried and worrisome.  They are drained and draining.  They have their eye on someone else's plate, someone else's life, and they will stretch their shriveled and shaking hand out for whatever crumbs can be spared.

  There is only one cure for spiritual malnutrition.  It is a steady diet of spiritual food.  Prayer builds the spiritual structure.  Faith puts meat on the spiritual bones.  Gratitutde builds spiriitual muscles.  If you are feeling worn out, run down or weary, check your spiritual diet!  You may need to increase your intake of spiritual nutrients.

  Until today, you may have been suffering from spiritual malnutrition.  Just for today, increase your intake of spiritual food.  Engage in a few spiritual experiences.  Test your spiritual muscles.  Make the necessary adjustments to your spiritual diet.

  Today I am devoted to increasing my spiritual intake.. 


  While reading this I couldn't help but think how my choices in food over the last several years has lifted me to an entirely different level not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.  The meat, dairy, processed foods and sugar I consumed weighed me down and made me feel downright awful both inside and out.  Of course, this was not even realized to it's full extent until I gave them up.  Now I can "fill myself up with all the foods that I love" without having physical side affects like feeling bloated, sick or fat afterwards.  I leave the table feeling better about myself in all aspects of my physical & mental well-being. 

  I know, most of us grew up on breakfast, lunch & dinner made from the Betty Crocker Recipe book and to deprive ourselves of the meat, dairy, processed sugar and now GMO's that we've become used to, seems totally overwhelming and unrealistic.  Just take a moment and think about how our parents & grandparents were led to believe that Miss Betty was a wholesome, homemaker who had derived these recipes in her own kitchen.  They had no idea that she was actually a fictional character created by the meat, dairy and processed food industry to get us addicted to their products for financial gain. 

  While all change evolves over time, one day at a time, I promise there is no deprivation.  In fact, I'm struggling to loose 5-7 lbs right now on my vegan, sugar-free diet...I AM NOT DEPRIVED!!  It is all in the mind ~ focus on the food you are substituting, the new taste, consistency and how it makes you feel.  Let go of your focus on is also fictional!

  So while focusing on your "SPIRITUAL FEAST & INCREASING YOUR SPIRITUAL INTAKE"......try coming to the realization that what you consume will either increase or decrease your physical, mental & spiritual well-being.  It's your do you want to feel?  Your meals can be a Spiritual experience.

Namaste,  Beci 

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